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Player for turning any favorite audio or video file into a "sing along" experience

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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KaraokeMedia is a simple media player that lets you turn your home computer into a karaoke machine. Most karaoke machines play ordinary compact discs and let you connect a music player to the device, but many of those machines require that you buy special discs and equipment to use the devices in your home. This simple program lets you bust out the karaoke music when hosting a party, entertaining guests in your home or when you're just in the mood to sing. As it works with most formats, you can use almost any type of music with it.

This unique program uses the media files already found on your computer. As it does not scan your computer to find those files, you need to manually select the files but that's easy to do. As soon as you open it, choose the location of your media files. The program will then open that file or area of your computer and automatically move the files into the system. You can then decide which files you want to open and use and which files you want to remove or skip. This lets you create fun lists of karaoke music for your next party.

KaraokeMedia is an easy to use media player too. With its search feature, you can quickly search for the music that you have available and find the exact song that you want. You can also click on that song to find out details about it, including the name of the singer or bad, the album it came from and even the writer behind the song. With one click, you can minimize the player and get back to work, or you can open the program in full screen mode to keep track of songs during parties and other events.

This program works well when you add a microphone. You can adjust the volume to hear your guests sing their hearts out, but you can also use that microphone to record your favorite performances. Your guests will love hearing themselves sing at your next party. Add an extra dose of fun to your parties with sound effects, including the sounds of people cheering and the sound of applause. After adding those files, you can play the sounds after someone finishes a performance.

Even if you only host a few parties a year, you will want KaraokeMedia. This free program lets you enjoy the fun of karaoke without spending money on a dedicated machine, and you can use it as a media player when you are home alone.


  • Lets users create and label their own playlists for parties and for home use.
  • Users can make their own fun sounds and add embellishments to playlists.
  • Works with a microphone to let users use it as a karaoke machine or to record performances.


  • Requires that users upload music because it does not automatically scan for files.
  • Will not automatically detect new media until a user chooses the location of those files.
  • Does not recognize all types of files.

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